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Welcome to PEACE & SPACE

PEACE&SPACE focuses on the decoration of the space. Natural rough stones and colorful canvasescreate an endless quiet space, as if you are outside, and your body and mind will take on a new look.

Whether it is rustic lithographs, multi-layered frameless paintings, or modern art, at PEACE&SPACE, you can get the most suitable collection for your space and what is lacking.

Through customized settings, you can also have unique ornaments to make your space truly belong to you.

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At the same time, there are frameless paintings \ real wood hanging strips \ picture frames and other presentation methods, free to choose the most suitable space for you

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Compared with traditional 4-color printing, ASTON COMMERCIAL SPACE graphics products fully use 12-color art micro-jet color printing, with saturated and bright colors

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Art grade oil on canvas, texture upgrade. Fully use Japan’s Mitsubishi-made PREMIUM SEMI-GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER, the subtle texture is perfectly presented

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Beautifully packaged, no damage to the product. Raw stone material slate, creating super texture goods. A variety of sizes, suitable for large and small spaces